Voya Financial Personal Transition Account Information

Maintaining your account.

We will maintain your account and periodically request that you confirm your intent to continue your account. If you do not affirmatively confirm your intent to keep your account active and if there is no financial activity with your account (excluding credited interest) or other customer-initiated activity for a period of 18 months, we will close your account.  In this event, if we are unable to locate you, we are required by law to pay any remaining funds over to the state government in which your account was established.

Once your account is closed, you won't be able to open it again.

Your account was set up to give you time to evaluate your options. We work hard to ensure that the account's features meet your needs and expectations. Over time you will want to consider when is the appropriate time to close your account and explore other long-term alternatives. Legal requirements prevent us from reopening any closed account. Please keep this in mind as you investigate other options for this account.

Your interest rate.

We understand your expectations around maintaining a guaranteed minimum interest rate. Please refer to your statement for the current interest rate being credited to your account.

Have you named a beneficiary or beneficiaries on your account?

It is important to designate a beneficiary on your account. You may name or change your beneficiary designation(s) at any time by notifying us in writing. To do so, please complete and mail to us the following form:

Beneficiary Designation Form

If you have any questions about this form, please contact our customer service team at 800-625-7440.

Take time to evaluate your options before making important decisions.

Although you might feel pressured to make decisions about how to spend or invest your benefit proceeds, the Personal Transition Account provides you with the ability to take the time you need to explore your options.

Account Login


You will need your user ID and password to log in to your Personal Transition Account.

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